Is Doing Homework Helpful?

There questions as to the usefulness of homework in the learning process. Is doing homework helpful to students? The facts on this will be laid bare through this blog.

It is important to state here that homework is that part of learning that strengthens the bond between the classroom and the home. When concepts learned in the classrooms are repeated at home; the student will get a fuller grasp of the subjects taught earlier in the day.

The Objectives Of Homework

When students take part in doing their homework; it will give the parents a measure of the standard of their wards in school. It will prepare the students for expected lessons and is a way of fully adapting the skills of the students. 

There are several reasons why homework is of a big advantage to the student. Top among the reasons include the following:

  • Good study skills which will help the student in later life are developed through taking part in doing homework. It can also be argued that it develops the skills of the students.
  • Responsibility for work is taught when students take their homework seriously. It encourages students to use their time wisely and to work independently on their own.
  • It is an important avenue for the child to review what was taught in the class the previous day and an opportunity to prepare for the next lesson that is coming up.
  • The use of learning tools to search for information is encouraged. The likes of libraries, research materials, and computer databases will be explored in other to expand the knowledge of the students.
  • Students have more time to explore the assignment more thoroughly than the classroom environment will permit.

The advantage of homework to students is huge as can be seen above. More importantly, it serves as a vehicle for effective review of the lessons that were taught earlier in the day.

When students take the pains to do their homework, it will help in boosting the self-esteem of the student in the subject; problems will be recognized before they get out of hand. Efficient control and management of time will be realized by the students and they will know how to prioritize things in life.

Why Do Students Hate Homework?

If students were to have their way; the general opinion among them will be to nail the coffin on homework. Me come to think of it; one way or the other, students have assignments that they naturally have a flair for. What is expected of them is to create a list of their favorite assignments and look for ways of encouraging the teacher to assign more of such to them? That way; they will be able to create a balance which they will be happy doing after school hours and it will help them in getting the advantages that they are entitled to as discussed above.

Final Take

To put it straight, doing homework is of a huge advantage to every student. However, it must be stated that the homework should be a reflection of what the students have learned earlier in the day. When students go through homework relating to what they learned earlier in the day; there will be no problem on their part getting along.

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